Our Services in Detail

Academy Club Services & Benefits - In Detail

The Academy Club at Planet Dnce brings you an exciting and comprehensive range of benefits, taoilored to meet the individual needs of each membership package.

Having Identified which category you best fit within, we have provided below our benefits and services in detail. We hope you'll agree what a fantastic range of benefits the Academy Club offers and how much time and mondy our excellent and unique service can offer you. And don't forget, through our philosophy of continual service enhancement, please just let us know if there are any other services you would like us to offer.
Academy Club Discounts - Let the Savings Begin
Often one of the primary reasons for joining The Academy Club is to take advantage of the excellent discounts on offer.  Saving you money on products and with no minmum spend requirement, this has been a key driver in The Clubs phenomenal success.

Whether you are a regular shopper with us, or just treat yourself now and again, you can reap the rewards.  And what's more, your discount can even be used on sale items, providing the vest best of bargains!

The Silver Package offers a no-strings attached discount of 10% and has been a popular choice for schools who do not have a uniform.  Gold Account members receive the top discount of 10% and this membership is designed for schools that wish to sell onto their students at a profit.  We supply products directly to the school account holder, via our website or in-store as you prefer. 

Asthe ultimate in uniform supply, the Platinum package is a fully outsourced uniform service, and as such we expect a significant proportion of the orders to come directly from the students, rather than the school itself.  However, your personal account is awardd the top level discount of 10% and thus, as a Platinum member you really do receive the best of both worlds - an excellent discount with a no hassle service!
Uniform Supply & Design Service
With a vast selection to choose from, we are sure you will find what you are looking for. Plant Dance has built a strong reputation for its product ranges and as authorised retailers for the major dancewear brands throughout the world, you are guaranteeed a superb choice of uniform, dancewear, footwear and accessories for your school.

And what's more, you can be sure of our credientials for service and value through our awards and appointments by the major dancewear manufacturers.

As a Gold or Platinum Academy Club member, you can view and select your uniform from our website, which displays the most popular product lines, including the full RAD and ISTD regulation ranges from Freed, Bloch and Roch Valley. But the choice doesn't end there. On joing the club, you will also be provided with a range of brouchures and catalogues with the extended ranges you may wish to select from.

And once you've chosen your school or college uniform, you can leave the rest to us. For Gold Club Members, you will be able to purchase your chosen products via your Academy Account.

For Platinum Club Members, we will create a bespoke uniform page for you on the Planet Dance website, listing each of your chosen products under the relevant dance class. Then you can simply sit back and be assured that your students will receive a first rate dancewear serivce. They will be able to visit your uniform page and select and purchase their goods on-line, in-store or via our Call Centre as they prefer. And of course, as we take time to fully understand your requirements and preferences, yoru students can be assured of the very best dancewear and uniform advice should they need it.

Last but not least, should you not be able to find the iems your are looking for, or should you yearn for something a little different, we can also design and supply your uniform and dancewear to yoru specification. Working with some of the best dancewear designers and manufacturers, you can be assured of a first rathe service, providing tailord designs, colours or fabrics.
Printed Garments & Leisure Wear Collections
With the Planet Dance Printing Facility, we'll help put your dance school on the map! By printing your dance school name or logo on our range of dancewear, leisure wear and accessories, we'll provide a great way to promote and market your school, and give your students a sense of identity and belonging.

As Platinum Club Members, we'll add your selected printed garments to your School Uniform Page, where your students can purchase directly. We'll eliminate the hassle of compiling student orders, giving you a school brand identify without the workload - fabulous! And what's more - We don't charge our Platinum members a set-up fee, so you can provide your students and your school with a brand identity without any outlay.

God Gold Club Members, we'll provide the garments directly to you at trade prices, so you can sell onto your students at a profit. There is no minimum order, so your don't have to wait to place your order, or make a financial outlay for stock you do not need.

As our printing facility is in-house, you can be assured of the best possible service, value and order turnaround, with the majority of personalised garments porduced and supplied with days. You can choose from a side range of printing finishes and colours and we can even help you with your designs.

the range of garments on which we can print is staggering and in addiion to our dancewear ranges, all Gold and Platinum Club Members will be given an Academy Club Leisure Wear and Accessoreis brouchure to help ou choose your products. From hoodies to bags, dance pants to jackets, the options are vast. Your dedicated Account Manager will help you put together your Dance School of College Collection an we look forward to welcoming you on-board.
Free Delivery to Dance School Student Service
This has proved to be one of the most sought-after services whithin the Academy Club and is guaranteed to make you very popular with your students.

Offered to all students whose school has opted for this service as part of the Platinum membership, it provides them wih a free-of-charge delivery option on all their orders.  There is no minimum order requirement and all they need to do is select this option at the checkout.

Once a week, we compile the student orders for your school and send them to your designated delivery address for this service.  All the individual student orders are pre-paid and packaged separately, so all you need to do when they arrive is hand them out.  No administration required! And what's more, should your students need to return or exchane the items, all the details on how to do this directly with ourselves is included with their order.

They can use this service to order any of our products, either when ordering your uniform or treating themselves to the latest dance accessories.  And of course, should they require their order mre urgently, they can still opt for the chargeable delivery service direct to their door, should they wish.

Last but not least, although this is a service developed with your students in mind, of course as a Platinum Academy Club member, you can also take advantage of this service, to ensure the very best value for money on your orders.
Find a Dance School Web Service & Facebook Listings
Working together and supporting our dance schools and colleges is a fundamental part of the philosophy of the Academy club at Planet Dance. And one of the best ways we have found we can help our club members is to actively promote their scool through our 'Find a Dance School ' web service and our Facebook Page.

As Planet Dance is one of the highest ranking dance websites with search engines such as Google and Yahoo to name but a couple, you can be assured the visibility and effective marketing of your school.

We will created a bespoke page for you on our website for all Academy Club members, which can contain as little or as much information as you wish. From the general details of your school through to show advertising or class timetables, just let your account manager know what content you require and we'll do the rest.

And for Platinum Club members, we will also provide a premium listing, creating a hyperlink to your own website should you have one. With web links providing one of the best ways to raise your website's profile, you can look forward to more visitors to your site.

Last but not least, Platinum members who have a school facebook page will also be listed as a 'Featured Page' from the Planet Dance Facebook page, again raising awareness of your school to a wider audience. And what's more, by prodiving a reciprical like from your page to ours, you will enable your students to receive our exclusive Platinum Member Students Discounts and Promotions that we may offer at certain times.